Monday, March 28, 2011

Happenings from the top of the hill

What a busy week we had last week! Lots of sewing, baking and gardening. Here are a few snapshots if you are interested! Hostas coming up! Photobucket more hostas Photobucket Seeds that were started indoors. Photobucket My favorite! Moon and stars watermelon. A dark green rind with one big yellow splotch for the moon and lots of little yellow splotches for the stars. Very pretty, but last year the shrew took a liking to them... Photobucket Little cucumbers sprouting up... So far, the cucumbers, okra, a few tomatoes and one squash have sprouted Photobucket Look at this mess! And this is the dining room! It's too cold in the basement sewing room.. Photobucket sourdough starter Photobucket sourdough bread several days later Photobucket Lemon ricotta cookies on the left, white chocolate chip on the right Photobucket and strawberry cream cheese rolls. OMG. You must make these delightful things. Photobucket

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