Thursday, May 31, 2012

Baby clothes

I recently made 2 baby outfits for a friend who was giving them as a gift!  I am pretty sure I have never turned down the opportunity to make baby clothes!

The first outfit is from one of my favorite pattterns ever!  The New Conceptions Baby Essentials pattern!  It has a button down shirt, a cross over shirt, pants and shorts!  There is also a hat and bootie pattern which are very cute as well.  I have never made the booties but have made the hat several times..

Then I used the shirt and pants pattern from my favorite Ottobre magazine, 1/2009!  Really, I needed to get this outfit done and I already had it traced in the correct size.  I finally used up most of the stripe facbric that I purchased from Girl Charlee last year.  I bought 2 yards and when you make baby clothes it sure doesn't get used up very fast!! 

On this one I decided to put an applique in the center to jazz it up.  It turned out really well!  I just hope they stuck woth the name they had picked out ahead of time...

In this pic the pant cuffs are rolled all the way down.  They are meant to be folded up in half like the sleeves!

Close up of the applique!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Strawberry breakfast feliz

My mom works for a local university and every year the President and his wife hold a breakfast for all employees.  It's called the Strawberry breakfast because it features a buffet of delicious strawberries and all the toppings you could imagine!  Whipped cream, powdered sugar and chocolate to name a few.  In addition, they have all the traditional breakfast foods. 

Last year my mom invited my 20 year old brother, but at the last minute he didn't want to get out of bed to go so she decided that she wasn't inviting him anymore!  So KK is next in line!  But I decided at last minute that she can't possibly go to a strawberry breakfast without a strawberry dress.  So I went shopping for the fabric and downloaded the embroidery files and set to work making this thing 2 days before she needed it!  Now, I didn't have a lot of time and I hade a million other things to do but I needed to make time for this!  I guess I spent about 7 hours on it over 2 days, including staying up until almost midnight one night! 

Hubby thought I was crazy and at points I was beginning to doubt myself, but I got it done!  I did have to leave off one of the embroideries since I just didn't have time, but I think the dress is spectacular!  I have made several Feliz's before but none with this much detail!

Pattern: Farbenmix Feliz
size: 140- the largest size, boo!
Embroidery- Tinimi


The best part about this dress?  The ruffles!!!!  After one look at it, KK said, I love how it's so big and fluffy!  The ruffles started with 440 inches of material that was 3 in. wide.  That is 36 feet!  Good thing my serger ruffles!  Here is the back before putting it all together..

And the twirl factor is pretty awesome...

This girl twirled all day!

With my mom!

Here is Nin's party dress version!  She wore this for probably 3 years until it was so short it was inappropriate!  We passed it down to another little girl though.

A brown and pink version....

And a Christmas version...

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Kids Clothes Week Challenge wrap up

I managed to do somewhat decent for the KCWC.  I got an hour in at least 5 of the days!  It was exactly what I needed to push myself and get the clothes done for my baby nephew who is due to arrive in under 2 weeks!  I still have many many many other sewing chores to get done, but this crossed several off my list!!  How about some pictures of what I accomplished?

First off, this little deer outfit was not something I completed during the challenge, I actually completed it the day before, but it goes with my overall theme of baby clothes so I have to include it here!

Ottobre 1/2012 #10- for the pants
Ottobre 3/2011 #12 for the shirt

I must say that even though the outfit is super precious and cute, the pants are not my favorite.  They have a seam on the outer leg.  I just happen to prefer baby pants with fewer seams so as not to irritate little baby skin.  So after making these I went back to the pattern I prefer.

My sister said she had plenty of clothes in newborn sizes but needed some 6 mo and up sizes.  So I said okay, but then set about making whatever I wanted.  Why did I ask?!!  When creativity siezes, just go with it! 

Baby gets an outfit to match the shorts I made for big brother Theo.  These are about a 3mo, but the leg openings on the shorts are huge!  Not sure what to make of them or if they will even fit in time for summer wearing!

Ottobre 3/2011 #15- shorts
#12- shirt

Look at these heavily topstitched pockets!  Not sure what a tiny baby needs with such fantastic pockets, but they really do make the shorts!

Ships ahoy!!  Well maybe not, but this little outfit is certainly sailor inspired.  I almost think it's too girly!  But, again, this is the cutest thing I have ever made!!  Are you tired of hearing that by now?!

Ottobre 3/2011 #11

Back- more pockets!

And I don't know what it is with Ottobre, but they seriously have issues with putting zippers in the back of baby clothes.  Really.  Knock it off already.  First of all, who wants to hassle with flipping a baby over to zip up their clothes and secondly, that can't be comfy for a baby to be laying on that zipper all day.  So as with all these ridiculous zippered outfits, I just cut the back on the fold and altered the pattern at the shoulder to add snaps.

Then I made a pair of pj's which I forgot to take a picture of.......

Then I set to work on pants and a matching jacket.  Both size 6 mo.  I still need snaps for the jacket but didn't have the right color.

Ottobre 1/2009 #10- pants
Ottobre 1/2012 #9- jacket

Love the square neckline of this jacket!

It's even lined!  In a super duper soft lime green interlock!

Here is everything I am sending to her!  Including the mising pajamas!