Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Not much sewing has been going on up here on top of the hill!  This pregnancy is kicking my butt!!  It was so much easier when I was younger!  Any time I have sewn it's been baby stuff though, which is super cute, and one would think it would motivate me to keep sewing.  But it hasn't.  I have soooo many things on the to do list and sewing just kind of falls to the bottom of the list.  Plus, I have like 11 weeks still.  If it wasn't for the last minute, I would get nothing done!

A few cute little baby outfits...

This little skirt, shirt and jacket set is from 4/2009 Ottobre.  I have always wanted to make this and finally had the perfect opportunity once we found out it was girl #3!! 

The shoulders on the shirt aren't really that big, but it's a tiny shirt on a big hanger!

The jacket is super adorable and super soft!  I have a shirt made from the same material and I love it!!!  So snuggly!  I spent so much time on the pockets because they were small and fiddly.  Because, 3 month old babies use pockets.....

I really loved the new 4/2012 Ottobre.  There are so many cute things in there for my girls in all size ranges. 

2 t-shirts

This is #4 that goes with the white t shirt above.  It's a cute little romper.  Still needs snaps but I am working on that....

This little outfit is number 1,2 and 3.  The red t shirt from above, plus little leggings and a tunic.  Aren't the little bows on the leggings the cutest things you have ever seen!!

I also made 10 receiving blankets.  Which was really boring!  I'm glad I only made 10!  I think it should be enough.

Finally, another maternity shirt for me.  A Mamu Katrin.  I have made lots of these in the child size, but never the adult size.  It's a little small up top, but should work out, if I can get past the fit issue in my mind!  This is about 26 weeks.

And that's about it!  I do have to embroider some owls on the curtains in the nursery.  And I need to make about 20 cloth diapers and ome more clothes....  But I have 11 weeks still!!