Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My last stash game item

I figured I wouldn't have any time to sew on the last day of February which was a Moday. But Nelson was out running errands and the girls went to play with the neighbor girl. So I sat down and traced a shirt from the new women's Ottobre magazine, cut it out and got half of it sewn before everyone showed up. After the girls went to bed, I sat back down and finished it!

As soon as I saw the version in the magazine, I knew I wanted to make it. But the magazine version had this little skirt thingy attached and drawing attention to my hips is the last thing I need. So I left the skirt thing off and added a couple inches in length to make up for the length I lost. The shirt fits perfect in every way! I was so drawn to the sleeves and the manner in which you put them together is pretty nifty. I can see myself making another one of these, but really, how many of the same ruffly sleeve shirts do you need? Says the woman who made 4 of the same v neck hoodies.....

otto 2/11

otto 2/11

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