Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Stash Game

It is now that time of year!  Stash Game started on September 1!  If you recall, Stash Game or SG, is where I earn points for sewing and lose points for buying fabric.  February and September are about the only 2 months out of the year that I almost don't buy fabric.  Almost, because every now and again I slip up.  Maybe a yard or two if I really must have it! 

I have started out strong and mostly made my way through the things I had cut out.  I need to spend some time tonight cutting out more items.  I usually try and trace all my patterns the couple weeks before SG and then the first day or two I go on a massive cutting bender and cut out like 10 or 12 items.  Then I spend the next couple days sewing.

I intend on cutting out some pillow cases for the charity project this month.  I figured with my serger I can whip out like 15 in one night.  They are basically a seam up each side with a hem at the opening.  I also intend on making the girls some pants.  I have a couple colors of twill to turn into pants.  I also am going to make the hubby something!  I bought a cargo shorts pattern from the Kwik Sew co-op a few weeks back.

Let's start with some baby items!  I made this outfit as a present for a baby shower.  Once I had it done I thought it was so cute that I decided to make my niece one also! 

Pattern: Ottobre Design 4/2010
t shirt- #1
tunic- #2
pants- #3
the baby shower gift is in size 62, about 3 to 6 months-ish.  I cut out a size 74 for my niece.  The pants are 74 waist with about 2 inches of added length since she is longer than she is wide!  I do need to find a way to fix the smaller set.  The tunic is so freaking wide!  Maybe some shirring?

otto 4/10 1,2,3

The baby set is made from one of my most cherished fabrics. Not my all time fave, but this comes in a close second! It's Alexander Henry and I found it at a garage sale. There was only 1/2 a yard which is not enough for my girlies but was perfect for this project. I think it is soooo beautiful!

otto 4/10 1,2,3

close up of the ballerina's!


The pants have these little cut outs on the side that gather up and fit onto these little panels.

otto 4/10 3

I also added cuffs because one of my biggest pet peeves for baby clothes is when the legs ride up and leave the babe's legs exposed. I almost always add cuffs to baby clothes for this reason!!

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