Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Apple tops

A while back I purchased some french terry from Girl Charlee that had apples on it.  I planned on making some hoodies out of it for the girls.  Thankfully they each liked it!  Maybe because it had pink in it?  At any rate I had purchased a vest pattern for the girls last year and never got around to making it so I cut out the vest for KK.  And since we didn't need 2 of the exact same vests I cut out a hoodie for Nin.

Let me just tell you that KK loved the vest so much that she wore it to school the first day she could!

Pattern: DMK warm hooded vest in size 9 ( you can find her patterns on Etsy!)  This pattern was well written and easy to complete.  After I had the vest cut out, I sat down and finished it in under an hour!  Yay for that!!!  I did add snaps at the top instead of buttons or a tie. 

P.S.  This is a vest, she was just wearing a long sleeve pink shirt under it!  The vest is fully lined though and in this one, it is a dark pink lining so it makes it hard to tell where the vest starts and the shirt ends! 

DMK warm hooded vest

DMK warm hooded vest

Pink snaps!

DMK warm hooded vest

Nin's hoodie was not complicated but it has just a little flare to it. Not the usual zip up hoodie, it's more of a pullover.

Pattern: Ottobre Design 4/2007 #34 in size 134. This girl is now in the same size clothes as her sister and grew about an inch and a half in 4 months this summer.

otto 4/07 34

otto 4/07 34

She actually liked hers so much that she has worn it multiple times in the last 10 days!

These girls can't ever hold still when I pull out the camera. They immediately start posing...


Even after these 2 tops, I still have about 1/2 a yard of this material left.  Not enough to make anything for my girls.  Maybe doll clothes?  A top for Averie?

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