Sunday, November 28, 2010

Ah, Justice you sneaky fool

Much like every other 9 year old at her school, my oldest daughter loves to shop at Justice. I don't love shopping there because they are seriously overpriced and I feel like Justin Bieber is going to pop out of a dressing room and serenade the crowd.

And by seriously overpriced, I mean KK bought a tunic and leggings with part of her birthday money and it was $57 before my coupon. I brought it home and copied it with fabric in my stash and made a copy for $5 maybe. And $5 is probably overestimating.

At any rate, during this birthday shopping trip they had some special going on with signs that screamed spend $75 and get $40 in JBucks. Which like the girl explained, are Justice gift cards that you can use later. So I spent the required $75 and got my JBucks. Which, by the way, was not $40, but rather a $25 card to use the weekend after Thanksgiving (except Black Friday) and a $15 card to be used around Christmas.

All I have to say, gift card my ass. Once I got to reading the JBuck I noticed that you had to use it on certain days and you have to spend additional money in the store to be able to use the damn thing. I went to Justice to use it this weekend to buy some Christmas presents and I gave the girl my JBucks and the 40% off coupon I had. She promptly told me I wasn't allowed to use it with any other offer in the store or with any other coupon. I would not be defeated, however, and much to her irritation, I asked her to ring up all my things separately so that I could use both my coupon and the stupid JBucks. Because there is no way I am paying full price for anything in that store.

On my last order she advised me that I could spend $10 more and get a $15 JBucks. I asked her why I would want another when they are basically worthless. For that question she had no answer.

I know stores have to have rules about coupon usage and I am not trying to game the system but I find all the nuances of their system to be very tedious. But then again I guess "spend $75 and get a $40 gift card" sounds a lot better than "spend $75 and get two cards that have to be used on certain days of the year and in order to use them you have to spend $9o more and you can't use them with any other coupon or offer in the store".

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