Monday, July 30, 2012

Baby Buntings

Sort of.  The new Ottobre magazine came and just flipping through it I was immediately drawn to this cute little baby coverall.  Sort of like a bunting but not as substantial.  I wanted to make it right away.  Problem is, I haven't had a sonogram to know if I am making girl clothes or boy clothes!  So I decided straight away that I was making both girl and boy.  I figured I could gift the one I don't use to someone!  Second problem was that I had no suitable boy fabric.  Shocking I know, considering the unbelievable amount of fabric that I own.  But it's true!  I wanted to use french terry and have plenty of girl options as I make the girls plenty of hoodies but my boy options were pretty much a solid color.  And those were black, aqua and chocolate brown.  I searched the internet high and low for a few days but didn't find anything! 

So I decided on the brown and then tried to find matching ribbing, which I had none!  Even JoAnn's didn't have any as the chocolate brown, which is actually a velour, was part of a line a few years ago and they discontinued the color and replaced it with something lighter.  While searching JoAnn's I came across some cute little iron on appliques of monkey's and my fate was sealed.  I came home with the appliques and then decided to use bright kelly green ribbing to match the appliques. 

I almost can't decide which one I would rather use!

The only thing I don't like about the pattern that I didn't realize until it was too late is that the hood isn't lined.  So there are serger seams down the middle of the hood which may be okay for bigger kids, but I just feel like the hoods should be lined.  Which I took care of in the second one!

I really like how the zipper is diagonal across the body of the suit!

My girls begged for me to put the monkey on the butt!

And so I have completed the first baby outfit for number 3!  And a spare! 

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