Thursday, July 26, 2012

Farbenmix love

I purchased several Farbenmix patterns from a co-op in, ahem, January.  I am just now getting around to sewing them up! 

I bought the Laguna skirt which is similar to the Redondo, except it has a floaty layer.  When I purchased the pattern I didn't realize that my girls were already in the largest size!  So I figured I better get around to sewing one up or they would never be able to wear it....

So I spent hours (not really) picking out the perfect fabrics only to discover that I didn't have enough of one. Hours later I finally picked out the black with white stars. 

The great thing about this skirt is the fullness.  The twirliness.  The fluffiness.  All of which are redeeming qualities according to my girls.

I even made 10 yards of bias tape by hand to hem this dang thing.  And as soon as I was done I told hubby that I wanted one of those fancy bias tape machines they sell at JoAnn's.  Repeatedly burning your fingertips is no fun, even in the name of fashion.

I also worked on a Farbenmix Lore.  This pattern has shorts and a top but I bought the pattern only interested in sewing the top.  My girls are also about to outgrow this pattern as I made the largest size. 

I picked up this cute DC fabric from Girl Charlee and at the last minute I remembered I had some ruffly binding that I thought would look cute stuck up at the top. 

Now, I didn't make these to go together but little lady was not in a modeling mood so it's what I got. 

Super deluxe twirling capabilities.

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