Monday, July 9, 2012

Nin's birthday shorts

Nin's birthday was yesterday!  My big girl turned 8!!  We bought most of her presents but I decided since I had been promising all summer to make her some shorts that one of her presents would be mama made shorts.  And you know what, we didn't even let her open any of her presents!!  Aren't we mean.....  She gets to open them at her party tomorrow.  Plus we let her open one last weekend, so don't feel too bad for her. 

The shorts I made last summer don't fit anymore and I had used the largest size range on that pattern so I had to find a new pattern.  Browsing the Farbenmix Flickr group I decided I wanted the Unella Blomma pattern.  It's a shirt and short pattern, but I mainly just wanted the shorts. I have a nearly identical shirt pattern in one of my Ottobre catalogs that I have made 3 or 4 times. 

A couple months ago I went out and bought lots of mama fabric.  Lots and lots.  Probably 8 or 10 different pieces.  I wanted to make myself some new skirts and capri pants.  But then I got pregnant and got all sick and tired.  So I thought it was pointless to sew pants for me since I won't be able to wear them in a few months.  Even if I wanted to sew, I was too sick and too tired to do it!

So the point is, I used some of this mama fabric to make Nin these shorts.  Now, I bought 3 yards to make myself some pants and these shorts took about 1 yard so maybe next summer I can make myself some shorts.  If I am being honest with you, that won't actually happen.  I don't wear shorts. 

Pattern:  Farbenmix Unella Blomma
Size 146/152- they do seem a bit big but I have to wait until tomorrow to try them on her!
Embroidery:  Tinimi- strawberry fairy

After I made KK the strawberry dress, poor little Nin was so disappointed because she loved the strawberry fairies.  So I felt like I should use them on something for her.  Plus, when you pay $16 for one embroidery design you kind of feel obligated to use it more than once...

The shorts have these tucks and pleats all over them.  Two on the waist front, 2 on the yoke in the back and one on each front pocket.  I don't know, are pleated shorts a thing of the past?  Or are they acceptable for 8 year olds?

Cute little tags that I ordered from a Night Owl's Menagerie co-op.

Ribbon detail on a back pocket.  I saw another pair of these shorts with ribbon on the back pocket and thought it was cool!

 A happy sun!

And since I was all tuckered out after making these shorts, I went to Target and bought a plain pink shirt to match! 

Here she is in the whole outfit.  I know the pictures are horrible but I had about a 2 minute window to take these!

Not too big, they fit perfect!

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