Monday, February 20, 2012

The tale of the polka dot shirt

There is a very cute tunic in the new Ottobre magazine that I wanted to make for the girls.  So I cut out one for Nin in polka dots and one for KK in cute flower fabric.  So Nin wants to wear hers the next day and this is the arguement that ensued.

KK:  why does Nin get the polka dot one?
Me:  Because I made it in her size and the flower one is your size.
KK:  But you always make her polka dot clothes.
Me:  Really?
KK:  It's not fair.  Sobbing, whining and crying.......

At this time KK stomps off and starts yanking clothes out of closets to prove her point.

KK:  See look at this Nin has way more polka dot clothes than I do.  You always make her more polka dot clothes.  It's no fair.
Me:  Geesh, you caught me.  That was my plan all along.  I discriminate against you and polka dot clothing. 

They will fight about anything! 

Pattern:  Ottobre Magazine 1/2012
#37 size 140

1/12 #37

1/12 #37

1/12 #37

The  unloved floral top!

1/12 #37

Look at those snaps! They match perfectly!!

1/12 #37


  1. Those are adorable tops but I have to agree - the polka dot top is the cutest!