Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Robots and hair pretties

Those are two things I would have never thought I would say in the same sentence. 

Remember the Ahoy shorts I made for TheoLeo in the robot print?

3/09 otto Ahoy shorts

I made him a matching shirt. The front has an embroidery of a robot and the back has the word robot with the second "o" being a robot. The back design is the biggest embroidery I have done so far. My machine does 650 stitches per minute and this sucker had a stitching time of 49 minutes. Quick, someone do the math and figure out the number of stitches.  Since I am not fast at changing colors and get distracted easily, I bet this thing took about 1 1/2 hours to complete! Then I still had to sew the shirt together! It's super cute though and I am glad I made it for him.

Pattern: Ottobre Design 4/2004, same shirt as the upcycled ones last week.
Embroidery- Stickbaer

Look, you can still see the impression left by my hoop! It will come out in the wash.




4/04 and ahoy

On a somewhat related subject, I mailed this package out to him on Friday and he got it on Monday.  The impressive part is that he lives 1800 miles away near the coast.  I am in land locked Kansas!  Kudos to the Post office.  Now, I have a long standing feud with the Post office (which is a story for another day), so when I say kudos, you know I mean it.  :)

While the embroidery machine was up and running, I made a bunch of hair pretties for the girls. My girlies are in love!

Embroidery- GG Embroidery Designs
Hair stitchies- they are basically embroidered felt sandwiches. A clip gets sandwiched in between. I didn't buy the clip covers designs, and I didn't have enough small clips so some of them are a little long.

hair stitchies

the back. The watermelon has the clip properly inserted into the felt sandwich because it fit. The peace sign heart is not sandwiched, but hot glued since I didn't have smaller clips.

hair stitchies

I will be buying more of these since my girlies love them so much! I actually had to break up fights over who got what. Then I had to promise to make more....

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