Friday, May 6, 2011


I signed up to participate in the Kindergarden challenge over at the Inadvertent Farmer.  The idea is to get kids in the garden! 

Go over and take a look at the challenge, or even better, sign up to particpate! 

Here is my intro!

My name is Kelly and I live in the city, at the top of the hill (above Target!).  I grow food and herbs in the summer, but not much beyond that.  I have 2 children who like to "help" in the garden!  My girls already love to be outside in the garden with me, but they don't really like to particpate in the food growing. They much prefer just to make mud pies. I allotted them room this year for a fairy garden, but so far none of the flowers have germinated. I did end up buying some flats at a garden sale last weekend, so we are going to cheat a little bit!  My plan was to allow them to plant whatever flowers they wanted, add some fairy necessities and let the girls tend to that part of the garden.

So far this year I have planted: peas (lots and lots of peas), lettuce, carrots, onions, squash and cucumbers.  Tomatoes, okra, zuchinni and peppers are going out this weekend.  I also have basil, chives and cilantro trying to grow inside.  As for flowers, I planted kiss me over the garden gate, hyssup and a salvia called Salvador purple.  We also have strawberry crowns, but they aren't looking so great.  And finally, there is one potato growing like crazy in the compost pile.  I am trying to figure out where to plant him! 

Thank you for such a great idea! 


  1. i'm sure mud pies count for something. :)

    your fairy garden sounds awesome - can't wait to see what you and your girls come up with!

  2. Welcome to KinderGardens! I participated last year and it was great to make new "friends".
    Happy hoeing!

  3. Glad you're on board with KG this year!

  4. How fun is a fairy garden?! Can't wait to see how it goes, along with some great mud pie shots. ;)

  5. Wow, sounds like you have a great start already! And sometimes, even I prefer making mud pies to actually working! :)