Thursday, August 30, 2012

The perfect skirt

Remember the skirt I made for BTS?  It is loved!  Very loved in fact.  Loved so much it was fought over.  Since it was so easy I decided to make another.  Or 4. 

I took the first day of school off since the girls like to be "car riders" on the first day.  It's the little things!  I had several hours during the day to get a bunch of sewing done.  I started with 4 of these skirts!

I just picked 4 random fabrics and made them up in the same size and let the girls pick through them when they got home.

KK picked this one....  That's it.  It was the only fabric she liked...

Nin scooped this one right up!  She said she loved the hearts!

Ottobre 4/2012 #30

Awww, what's the matter Nin?


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  1. I chased you down over here from Sewing Mamas. I'm thinking of making this skirt but don't have ribbing. Did you use ribbing for the top or just stretch fabric? Thanks.