Tuesday, September 11, 2012

One of the things I love

One of the things I love about Nin is that she isn't afraid to be who she wants or to do what she wants. 


Even if being who she wants means she wears this....

See, it was color day at school.  At the beginning of every year, each day is assigned a certain color to help the Kindergartners learn their colors.  They encourage kids to wear that day's color to help their fellow schoolmates.

Well the problem is, Nin couldn't remember what color she was supposed to wear, and despite searching, we couldn't find the flyer telling us what color she was supposed to wear this particular day.

So, she decided that she better wear all colors, you know, just to be sure she didn't miss out.  She was very insistent that she wanted to participate, so this is the way it had to be. 

I learned years ago to pick my battles with her clothes.  She will wear what she wants because she likes it and that's it.  Her mind is made up and no amount of convincing will change it.  It's not a hill I am prepared to die on every morning at 730 so I just let her pick out and wear what she wants.  I figure, she is the one that has to explain it to her friends if they ask.  It remains to be seen if peer pressure will ever affect her choices! 

Turns out, it was orange day so she made a very good choice with her top.  Which happens to be a dress that she wore under a skirt... 

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