Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A few random pieces of clothing

I haven't been sewing much, I just have too many other things to do.  But I did manage to complete a few very random pieces of clothing. 

Nin needs some long sleeve shirts for winter considering she hardly has any that fit.  I loved this shirt the minute I saw the new Ottobre.  And this fabric has been sitting on my shelf for awhile.  A long while. 

Pattern:  4/2012 Ottobre #28

I figured she could wear it with jeans.  You know, the ones I made her that don't fit. 

I also made these leggings from the new Ottobre to match her new twirly skirt and shirt! 

Remember these?

I figured she needed brown leggings to go with this outfit. 

Pretty boring huh?  At least they have this cute little tab detail.

I also made 2 maternity shirts for myself.  Considering I am rapidly out growing clothes, I should probably focus more on clothes for myself!

Pattern:  Ottobre 2/2008 #17

The sides have rouching so that the shirt can expand with your belly, but the rouching totally messed up my stripe matching!

I picked up a couple yards of this DC fabric from Girl Charlee for the girls.  I made one shirt for KK but figured I could use it too!  I will need a t shirt or 2 for hanging around on the weekends.

More stripe matching problems!  Or maybe it was fabric selection problems!

They are a little big right now but with the way I am growing, it won't be long before they are snug!


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