Friday, August 24, 2012

A few baby items

Slowly but surely I have been sewing up a few baby items.  Two more outfits done!  Hopefully by January I will have a complete wardrobe!

I have loved these little MC Hammer pants since this pattern originally came out.  Even if the pattern came in bigger sizes I am sure my girls would not wear them!!  But little babies don't have any choice.  Hehe.

Ottobre 1/2011 #1 and #2

I also made the bodysuit/onesie that they had paired with the pants on the model in the magazine.  Just a regular old onesie. 

I did have one issue though....  The underneath crotch hem was shorter than the top.  So the top hem kind of bubbles between the snaps and creates these little gaps.  I guess in the grand scheme of things it won't matter since you won't be able to see it when the pants are on the babe.  And honestly, once you get a cute little baby in the outfit, no one will pay a bit of attention.  But I know it's there.  And it bothers me! 


The other outfit I finished is a jumper with a matching t shirt.  I made one of these last fall and decided to finish this one since it seems girly enough for a cuttle little girl to wear.

Ottobre 6/2009 #4

Cute little Humpty Dumpty!!

The shirt is Ottobre 1/2011 #4.  Just a basic tee.

The good news is that I still have the girly one I made before.  I completed it too late to send the intended recipient.  So now my babe will get to wear it!

Remember this one?

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