Thursday, August 16, 2012

Back to School

I recently started on some back to school/fall sewing for Nin.  I went through her closet the other day and found like 1 shirt and 2 pairs of jeans that fit her.  Last winter I knew all her clothes were getting small and some of her pants were short but we made it through the winter.  And since its like 1,000 degrees I haven't really thought about winter clothes until I was digging through her closet the other day looking for hangers. 

So I decided since she needed so many things I would make some of it mix and match and then a few special pieces. 

For the first installment, I started out with some browns. 

A nice twirly skirt with a plain ish brown shirt.  My girls would never let me get away with sewing just a plain anything so I had to spice up the shirt with a few ruffles. 

The skirt is made from some nice jersey with a yoga waistband.  Seriously, it took about 15 minutes to sew.  2 side seams and then sew the waist on.  Afterwards I did go ahead and do a narrow rolled hem with my serger but it's jersey, so it wasn't needed.  I just had the machine set up to do a rolled hem for the shirt so I figured it wouldn't hurt.

Ottobre 4/2012 # 30

The shirt is also from Ottobre.

Ottobre 6/2009 #29.  I have always really loved this shirt and had it tabbed for like the last 2 years but have never made it! 

The other skirt is not quite as twirly. 

Farbenmix Noelle, size 146. 

This one is made from a twill from the juvenile section at JoAnn's.  I originally bought it for KK since she liked peace signs at one time but I figured it matched my brown theme.  And just don't tell her because even if she doesn't like it anymore she would argue that it was bought with her in mind so it should be hers.... 

I didn't have a matching zipper....  And I goofed a little on the spacing.  Good thing 8 year olds don't care!

There are 4 big pleats across the front and back of this thing.  There were also supposed to be little panels across the back that you put buttonholes in so you can thread ribbon through and then cinch it up.  This skirt doesn't need any cinching, but that's not why I didn't put them on.  I just forgot.  I got the whole dang skirt done and then I looked down and saw I had extra pieces.  Oops!  I tend to just throw caution to the wind and forget about directions, since I can usually figure out how something goes together.  Which is how I forgot to include the little back pieces...

Do you see all the pleats?  And my red chalking marks...

I think I will make a few more brown pieces and then switch to a different color. 

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