Tuesday, June 28, 2011


This weeks challenge for Kindergardens was to let your child take the pictures.  Children are drawn to things that adults would never see or take notice of and their perspective is so different.  It's fun to see what catches their eye.  Since I can never be on time for anything in my life, this post is no exception.  In fact, I sent the kids out into the garden just this morning with the camera while I finished cleaning up breakfast!  I told them to take picures of things they liked.

Here are a few of their snapshots.

The pool. :)  I know, I know.  It's almost July and we still don't have it open!  Don 't worry, its filling up as we speak and the cover comes off tonight!


A fairy house


the tippy top of a tomato plant and a bush in the background


watermelon leaves


A vine growing up a fence. My youngest told me she liked it because the leaves are shaped like hearts.


Overgrown lettuce!




cucumber- it's almost time!!


Here are a few pictures I took!

red zebra tomato- I love that the stripes are so vibrant even when it's not ripe!

red zebra

german pink tomato

german pink

flower on a pepper plant


Yumm! zucchini


lots of tomatoes! I never even bothered to take the price stickers off the cages..


patty pan squash bloom. See all the bugs in there!

patty pan

My first tomatoes! These 3 are cherry tomatoes and they were super sweet!

sweet 100

Birdies! We had 3 Robins in a nest under our deck in May and I forgot to take the nest down. Now, a new family has moved in! 3 more birdies. These guys were just born yesterday. The 3rd egg has a hole in the top and the little guy in there is trying to make his way out. Last night, there was a leg sticking out of the hole!! I need to remind myself to take this nest down when these guys fly the coop! I don't need anymore birds out there eating my veggies off the vine.



I am not sure what kind of bug this is but I spied him the other day walking up the retaining wall.  He was about an inch long and was pretty fast.  But not as fast as my camera!


And finally, I made homemade laundry detergent this weekend. I have been using it for about 2 years now. Previously, both myself and my yougnest suffered from exczema. Since using homemade laundry soap, we haven't had any issues! There are no extra chemicals, no extra dyes and no extra scents to worry about.

I grate the fels naptha so that it melts quicker. Doesn't it look like cheese!

fels naptha

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