Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Stash Game 2011

I know I am a little behind in posting pictures and that's because, well, I am behind in taking the pictures.  The only place that is inside where I have enough natural light is in the living room in front of the sliding glass doors.  On the carpet.  It is dreadfully cold outside, not to mention, I still have snow covering the back deck.  It was a tropically warm and balmy 1 degree this morning when I was taking pictures.  But I digress.....

I have sewn something everyday so far.  It helped that I had a couple snow days and was trapped at home briefly last week! 

More shirts for the shop.  You know, the shop where I currently have Valentine shirts for sale....  Wink wink, hint hint. 

Farbenmix Imke made from an upcycled t-shirt.  This is a size 4/5.  It does need to be hemmed, so don't look too close yet.


Another Antonia in an upcycled Fairly Odd Parents t-shirt. This is the smallest they come in a size 2.


This dress will hopefully meet several contest entries. It's stash game, so I get points, the white panels on the skirt are hand dyed by me so I can enter it in the Lil Blue Boo challenge, and I want to ship it off to the swap I entered. Multi- purpose clothing!!

Old Navy shirt on top, Studio Tantrum Redondo skirt on the bottom


Up next are some grocery bags that are made from fabric. I made these as testers because I am thinking about selling them this summer. Made from fabric I have had for ages and the pattern is from Keyka Lou. I love them! Especially because you can wad them up and tuck them into your purse.

keyka lou

I also made Baby Theo Leo and Baby Chey Chey (my cousin's son) some matching t-shirts. I got this monster truck fabric at Girl Charlee, but it was a little too white and black. So I color blocked the fronts and added some red sleeves.

Pattern: Ottobre Design 3/2006
I believe it's number 13, but don't quote me.
Size 98 for Chey Chey and size 80 for Theo Leo.

Otto 3/06

Look who came to visit Aunt Kelly!!! So I made him model a shirt for me.

Otto 3/06

More to come!!

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