Saturday, September 25, 2010

Thoughts from the top of the hill

I am no longer a Stash Game failure!!! Since last night I have finished a shirt for myself, started a skirt for myself and finished up a pair of cords for Nin! Pictures coming soon.

Some random thoughts from our hilltop home.

1. Today is my 11th wedding anniversary. To celebrate, I am taking the hubby to see an NFL game tomorrow. What I won't do in the name of love.

2. One year ago today, my 10th wedding anniversary, I was sick with H1N1. I felt like crap, but I stayed awake long enough to eat dinner!

3. There is nothing more heavenly than cheesy olive bread. Go to and search her website for the recipe. You will thank me later. I want to live in a world where the USDA decides to redo the food pyramid and they make olives, cheese and bread the 3 major food groups.

4. Today the girls had to complete their chores before I would take them to Target to spend their gift gards. I gave them their allowance of $2. Nin said " I worked hard doing all that work and this is all I get." So like the warm, kind, loving mother I am I replied "get used to it kid, this is the way it works in the real world." She immediately started crying.

5. I think zhu zhu pets are a waste of money.

6. Against my better judgement, KK talked me into going to Justice to spend her gift gard. That place is a racket I tell ya. We spent an hour in there and I had to take out a second mortgage to buy her one outfit.

7. I also bought a the girls a swimsuit off the clearance rack for $4.19. Go me!

8. I have made it the whole month of September so far without buying any fabric!!! Which makes it at least 7 weeks since I bought fabric at all. See I told you I could quit when I wanted to.

9. I find it fascinating that I can order a Steve Young jersey from Texas on Thursday night at 930pm and have it delivered to my house on Saturday by 1030am.

10. Nin really believes that there are witches in the Pledge of Allegiance. ....and to the Republic for witches stands.... She really thinks those are the words!

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