Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Stash Game

I belong to a sewing forum called Sewing Mamas. A couple times a year they have a game called Stash Game. Basically, the goal is to sew as many things as possible in one month using nothing but the material in your stash at home. You get points for every yard used but you also lose points for every yard you buy. It's a way to keep your self in check when fabric buying gets out of control!! I barely purchased any fabric in August anyway, in fact I sold some in an online auction, so going the whole month of September without buying any may be a challenge for me!

I participated in February of this year and I made about 27 items, sewed 15 out of 28 days, used about 40 or so yards of fabric, bought under a yard the whole month and earned several hundred points. I didn't come close to winning. Not anywhere near close. Like a thousand points and hundreds of yards of fabric away. But I had fun and I got a bunch of stuff sewn. Including those amazing Elvis raincoats I made the girls.

I made up a list of things I want to accomplish this month. Most of my to do list is stuff for me. I usually come home from work and start cooking dinner right away and as a result I have lots of little stains on my work clothes. I went through all my clothes and pitched the ones that have stains that just will not come out. You know those shirts that no matter how many times you Shout and wash the stain is still there.... So I didn't really trash them, I put them in a "re-work" pile. Depending on where the stain is I may be able to cut off pockets, collars, appliques, buttons, etc to use on a different project.

My to do list:

work pants
6 shirts
skirt or dress
coat- I have some great unclipped cord that I have been hoarding for awhile for this.

3 pairs of pants- poor girl has grown several inches and only has high waters now. :)
3 long sleeve shirts
tunic and leggings set

KK: this girl has more clothes than anyone in the family because she is so darn easy to sew for. She isn't too picky and will usually wear any color. So her list is much smaller.

After all that, I am not sure what I will do. Who knows, I may not make my way through all of it. I do have to go to the fair in Hutch for work later this month!

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