Tuesday, March 20, 2012


It's been awhile since I have posted about what's going on at the top of the hill!  So here goes!

I am always looking for new lunch ideas and love seeing pictures of what others pack in their kids lunch boxes!  I decided the other day to take a picture of my girls lunch!  Now, they eat cold lunch most of the time since you never know what is in those hot lunches that the school serve, especially since we don't eat high fructose corn syrup and you know those lunches are filled with that crap.  My girls prefer lunch from home anyway. 

I do have to make a few changes for each of them.  Kk doesn't eat strawberries (the seeds get stuck in her teeth and bother her ortho appliance) and Nin doesn't like grapes.  Kk loves pb and j, Nin doesn't, that kind of thing.

KK has pb and j sandwich, strawberry yogurt, grapes, carrots and celery with pb. 

Nin gets a couple spoonfuls of cheese ball (which strangely, she is in love with!), crackers, celery and pb, strawberries/grapes (she left the grapes but ate the strawberries), carrots/cherry tomatoes and cottage cheese. 

Finally got the tree in the back yard cut down.  Ahem, 4 years later.... 

Yes, that would be my Nin out there helping cut down a tree in a skirt....

These portions of the stump are going to be used as seats in the girls new play garden.  I have wanted to cut down thise tree and make the back corner a play garden with seating, tall sunflowers for shade and let the girls grow what they want.  I also imagine a metal archway into the corner that they can use to grow a vine type plant, maybe some type of pea...  We are one step closer!!

I meant to start the broccoli, onions and cauliflower seeds but I got carried away and pretty much started everything....  Oops! 

4 o'clocks

Broccoli and cauliflower.  The little guys on the left hand side are tiny basil plants.  I may have over done it with the basil.  I have about 40 basil plants in 2 varieties....  But we love basil so I may plant about half of them!

Tulips already!  What a winter we have had.  Barely any snow, which is highly unusual, barely any rain and barely any cold.  So my tulips thought it was spring in February this year.....  The girls and I spent hours and hours planting about 60 new bulbs and digging up all the old ones to seperate and re plant.  We have about 8 or 10 different types planted in no order, just randomly dropped.  Hopefully it's pretty!  And all of our hard work doesn't get killed by a late snow fall! 

And look who woke up and thought it was spring!


  1. so fun, I hate gardening but love when others do it.

  2. I wish I didn't have a black thumb. I want a garden. I really do!