Monday, March 5, 2012

Clothes for Mama

Every now and again I make myself some clothes.  But it's harder to get a good fit since most patterns are drafted for women who are shorter than myself and who don't have ridiculously long torso's like myself.  It takes extra work to make things fit and because the kids grow out of clothes so fast, most of what I make is for them. 

But I recently sat down to make a few things for myself during Stash Game. 

A dress that is maybe a hair too big in the waist.  And because I don't want to look like a tank, I have to wear a belt.  This pattern originally was 2 seperate items.  A tank dress underneath with a tunic on top.  That way, you have the coverage of the dress underneath at both the chest and the bottom hem.  You would have thought that somewhere along the way between looking over the pattern and actually tracing it out, I would have noticed that it was 2 garments, but nope.  That slipped past me.  When I went to cut it out I couldn't figure out why I had so many pieces.  Finally, it dawned on me!  Little slow, little slow.  Since I didn't have matching fabric for the under dress I just cut out the front bodice out of the same fabric I was using for the tunic and added it to the seams for the tunic top.  Built in cami!  Remember what I said earlier about patterns being drafted for short women, well I had to add 6 inches in length to the hem and even with that, the dress hits me just at the knee.  At 5'9 I am not freakishly tall by any means. 

This is from Ottobre 2/2010.  I made it with the super soft brushed cotton lycra from Girl Charlee!  And I am now noticing how well I blend into my living room wall...


And a cowl neck shirt. I love cowl necks! This is from Vogue 8634.

Vogue 8634

This was a sneaky little fabric waster! Because I was using a directional print it took over 2 yards to make this!

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