Monday, April 18, 2011

A new purse for me!

Like I need a new purse, but I wanted to test this pattern out before using it to make a diaper bag for my sister in law.  You may remember that I started out making handbags and as a result I have all my own patterns that I sketched out, so buying a purse pattern is very difficult for me!  But I liked this bag, so I went for it.  It is the Kati Cupcake, My Favorite Bag pattern.  I am disappointed in the pattern overall.  There were a couple errors and the bag is similar to one I already make for diaper bags.  This has grommets and a tie, but other than that the dimensions are similar and the outside pockets are similar.  That will teach me to buy a purse pattern! 

At any rate, I think this would be perfect for a diaper bag because it has 12 pockets!!  And it is the size of a small country.  I bet I could Avie in this purse also. 

All fabrics came from Hobby Lobby and again, the pattern is a Kati Cupcake pattern.



Pockets on the outside


Pockets on the inside

Kati Cupcake

For size perspective!


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