Friday, April 22, 2011

My busy weekend

I had some free time last weekend, so I used it up sewing baby clothes!  I have 2 nephews on the way this summer so I got to work making some baby boy clothes. 

I love love love the New Conceptions Baby Essentials (NCBE) pattern.  It is super cute for either a boy or a girl and they are so easy to make.  I have made these for lots of babies out there!  This pattern can be made in an assemby line fashion so it's easier to make 5 sets instead of 1. 

All sets are in size 3 to 6 mo.  I think the NB size is small, but then again I have giant babies.


I also made 2 Sabrina's, one for the shop and one for baby Avie. I planned on putting them both in the shop, but let's just say, I won't be showing any up close shots of the hem....


Cowboys on My Little Ponies


I Love NY for Avie


My girls love these lips!


And finally a pair of pants for myself. They are a bit big so I need to cinch up the elastic in the back. They are capri pants and with 2 inches of length, they hit in the right spot!

Pattern: Favorite Things- Smarty Pants

Smarty pants

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