Monday, April 2, 2012

More bottoms

I haven't had much of a chance to sew lately, but I did get around to making some various bottoms. 

The new Ottobre for kids is a big hit in our house.  Lots of older girl things! 

A jean skirt for KK.  This was supposed to have kind of a military feel.  But I couldn't find 1 inch grommets for the front closure so I used buttons.  It is very structured and not loosy goosy twirly like her sister wears! 

Pattern:  Ottobre 1/2012 #33  Size 140


This was the only "action shot" I got!

Then I had to make Baby Chey Chey (the girls' cousin) a birthday gift.  he is 4 and loves dinosaurs so I wanted to make him a pair of shorts that matched the ones I made for Theo.  But of course I waited until the night before, so I had to make something a little less labor intensive....  And because I waited so long, I couldn't make a matching shirt, so I had to run out the morning of the party and buy one!  Why do I do this to myself!  If it wasn't for procrastination I wouldn't get anything done!

These are from the same Otto that Theo's shorts are from!

Pattern: Ottobre 3/2011 #22.  i think I made these in size 116, but they were kind of long so I made a really big hem.  I know bermuda's are supposed to be long, but these seemed excessive!  But I don't have boys so I don't know how they are wearing their shorts these days.

Double front pockets!

No pockets on the back!

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