Friday, April 13, 2012

Farbenmix Tini

Another great Farbenmix pattern, the Tini!  I bought it 2 summers ago and never got around to trying it out.  So it's about time I used it! 

I was cleaning out huge bins of fabric that people have given me over the years and found a bunch of older fabric.  It was stiff, probably because it is polyester, but I was hoping a trip through the washer and dryer would loosen it up.  I was right!  So I combined this black and white polka dot, some yellow gingham and some train fabric.  I think they look great together!  You know, sometimes I will sit and look at fabric and instantly an image pops up in my head of what I want to do with a piece of fabric.  That happened with these particular pieces.  As soon as I layed them down next to each other I knew they needed to be a tiered peasant style dress.  They are a little to young for my girls, so in mind they belonged to baby Avie!  I love when it all works out!

Pattern:  Farbenmix Tini
size 86, which is the smallest it comes, but may be too big for tiny little Avie. 

I searched for a long time trying to find an embroidery of those railroad crossing signs that are yellow with black letters that say R/R.  But I couldn't find one that was just perfect.  So I let it go.  But I still think the dress came out pretty darn cute!

Update:  I finally got a modeling shot of this dress on little Avie!  Not too big at all! 

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