Monday, June 4, 2012

Some shots from the garden!

The garden is all planted and the hard work has begun! 


Fuschia plant hanging up

Super tall onions!

Short onion blooms!

Moon and stars watermelon leaves.  I love the spots!  And the watermelon is speckled just like the leaves!

Hosta blooms

Snap dragons

Pink snap dragons and coreopsis.  Both of these and the red snap dragons above over wintered from last year as we had one of the most mild winters in history! 

Some kind of squash.  I planted 3 varieties this year.  It looks like the marker in the back ground says patty pan.....

Squash blossom

One of my 11 tomato plants.  This is the only Dr. Wyche's Yellow that made it!

I also planted 18 pepper plants, 4 okra plants, Orange glo watermelon, canteloupe and 2 cucumber plants, but for some reason I have no pictures of them! 

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