Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A pair of pants that no one wants to wear, Round 2.

I don't know what it is with my girls.  Nin needed some pants so while waiting for baby #3 I got to work on a pair I had wanted to make for some time.  I picked out some cute unclipped corduroy and a matching print for the pockets and cut outs on the legs.  I ran them by her, she approved of my choices and the pattern.  I measured her cut out the corresponding size.  And that's where the trouble started. 

After I finished them, she put them on, and guess what?  They don't fit!  Again!  Maybe Ottobre pants in bigger sizes just aren't sized for my Nin.  The waist is so tight, they won't even close.  They are not too tight in the thigh and the length is good. 

So I go to KK.  Will you wear these if I hem them to your size?  Nope!

But come on!  Look at the perfect zipper!  It even matches!  How often do I have a matching zipper on hand?  She tells me they aren't skinny jeans.  And they look like Elvis pants.  Geesh!  How does she even know who Elvis is. 

Alright, maybe they do look a little like Elvis pants....

Ottobre Design 1/2012 #25 in size 146.

I give up.  No more mama made pants for my big girls. 

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