Friday, February 8, 2013

Diaper bags

I have a confession.  I am a seamstress who started out sewing diaper bags and I was thisclose to buying one for myself.  I know I know, lame!  I had the pattern, I had yards and yards of beautiful fabric but I lacked the motivation.  But I finally was forced to make it when my girls both got the stomach flu at the same time and we had to stay home for 3 days!  I go stir crazy so I needed a project.  I brought my sewing machine upstairs and got to work, in between cleaning up puke.... 

I started with 4.5 yards of beautiful Kate Spain fabric in the Fandango line.  One of my all time faves and the Fishsticks Mama and Baby bag. 

I love the bag it's very cute but the pattern was somewhat frustrating. The instructions were clear, but I don't think it should have been a PDF. There were so many pieces to tape together and I had all these little rectangles and odd shapes to take together and half weren't labeled. It was maddening! It took over an hour just to get the stupid pieces taped up!

The bottom left is what I am talking about! How am I supposed to know where that goes? And then the top right at least had words so that you could figure it out by the process of elimination.

This pattern had 27 pieces of fabric, 4.5 yards all together and has 12 pockets!!  It took me about 7 hours over 2 days to finish (between puke clean ups!).

The front is basically 2 big pockets on top of one another that are divided in half (into 4 separate pockets) with stitching down the front. 

The back has one big zippered pocket.

The inside, on mama's half!  The bag is divided down the middle.  One pocket divided into 3.

You can kind of see the divider here.

The baby's side has 3 large pockets with elastic at the top so they can expand to hold a bunch of baby stuff.  Right now, I put diapers in them!

the last pocket is on the side and is supposed to be a phone pocket.  I put my iphone in there and it seems a little tall.  I mean, I know it will stay in since 3/4 of it is in the pocket, but I am sure I would lose it somehow.  :)

The strap is basically one giant, long piece of fabric that feeds through a d-ring and you tie it where you want.  It could be really long, but I like my bags up a little higher so truthfully the strap didn't need to be quite so long.

Whew!  After all is said and done, I am glad I made the bag.  However, I won't be making them for anyone else though! 

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