Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Baby Nursery

Still no baby!  I have now spent 2 weeks of my life waiting on past due babies, but everyday gives me more time to get more stuff done that I didn't know I needed to do!

I finished up the nursery some time ago.  Probably back in October.  I let my older girls pick out the bedding and of course they chose the pinkest, girliest stuff they could find.  Honestly though, I like pink and girly and they were thrilled that they are included in the plans.  We also let them pick the middle name, which of course they like to brag about!

Here is the bedding they chose...

Here is the only baby enjoying this nursery right now!

The crib and rocking chair.  The last time we used the crib we used it as a day bed and now we are unable to find the parts to put the last side back on.  Story of my life.  But hubby has an idea to just permanently affix the side. 

Cute little birdie picture from Hobby Lobby that needs to go on the wall!  Still!

I had these plain curtains from WalMart that we brought with us from our old house and they were just sitting in a box.  The curtains that matched the bedding were really expensive so I figured I could just embroider these to match!  I am glad I did!  The girls think I need to put a butterfly on the other side....

That's about it so far.  I have moved the long dresser onto another wall so that I could use the top of it like a changing table and then moved its matching tall dresser into the corner that the other was in.  The dressers have a matching bed in the basement that baby can use when she gets older.  They originally belonged to my Grandmother who bought them in the 1960's.  They must be very well built to make it all this time!  I bet Granny never thought her 7th great grandchild would be using them 50 years later!

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